Institute of Ayush Medical Sciences

Vimlarjun Nagar (Bhagu Khera) Lucknow


INTRODUCTION-Swasthavritta subject is the combination of personal hygiene, social hygiene, Yoga & Naturopathy.Our National Health Policy also gives more stress on prevention & promotion of health of people and Swasthavritta, Yoga & Naturopathy are the heart of it.

Swasthavritta also includes Sadvritta that can be classified into five types i.e. Good mental conduct, Good social conduct, Good religious conduct, Good personal conduct and Good moral conduct.

i. Educate the mass to lead a healthy life and prevent Lifestyle Diseases.
ii. Provide community based services,
iii. Provide preventive services to the society in respect to communicable, non-communicable diseases,
iv. To know and involve in national health programmes,
v. Understand and practice Yoga & Naturopathy
vi. Understand and practice principles of Ayurveda diet system.
Facilities in the Department-
1) Swastharakshan OPD
2) Pathya (diet) Therapy
3) Therapeutic Yoga
4) Naturopathic Techniques.
5) Departmental Library
6)Yoga Demonstration Room
7) Tutorial Room.