Institute of Ayush Medical Sciences

Vimlarjun Nagar (Bhagu Khera) Lucknow

Samhita & Siddhanta


The department of Samhita and Siddhant deals of classical text (samhita) of Ayurveda for scientific exploration and validation. This department popular knows as department of basic principle concerned with basic principle of Ayurved. Basic Principle is very important in Ayurved, without knowledge of basic principle; we cannot understand or learn Ayurved. There are 5 Subject in this dept
  1. Sanskrit
  2. Padartha Vidnyana and Ayurved Itihas
  3. Moulik Siddhant and Ashtang Hrudayam
  4. Charak samhita (P)
  5. Charak Samhita(U)

To establish excellence in basic concepts explained in the Samhitas and to conduct outstanding research.
Empowering the students with the basic tools for approaching the science of Ayurveda in a structured manner, which shall enable them in understanding the contents of all the branches of Ayurveda and enable them to adopt it in their clinical practice.
To educate the students to understand the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda.
  • To make Samskruta as a speaking language in the campus.
  • To study and to do the research of original manuscripts that are yet unexplored.
  1. Museum-chart &models
  2. Departmental Library
  3. Computer with internet Facilities